Thursday, 22 September 2011

So Many Passwords, So Little Brain Space

I attend college five days a week, I often work weekends and when I find myself with some free time I just like to crash out on the sofa. So when I find myself in the mood to go on the internet I do not want to be barraged by websites nagging for my password. Gone are the days of having the same password for your e-mail and Bebo account, it's too unsafe thanks to all the sad people out there who might read all my junk mail and post crap to my Twitter. Now I have a different password for my facebook, twitter, Blogger, G-mail, Hotmail, Youtube and, of course, online banking. I won't even go into my online shopping accounts unless absolutely necessary, it's too much hassle.
You might be wondering how I deal with this, or you might be mentally telling me to just deal with it and shut up, my solution is to change any password I don't remember. At first this worked out nicely, I had a few differant passwords that I swapped around from time to time. Then I added a few more, then I added some numbers to previous password options and now I'm stuck in this massive web of passwords and numbers and every time I turn on my computer I feel like I'm sat in an exam. And I fail everytime.

This was going to be a picture of a spider
caught in its own web, but that was
too creepy looking

Saturday, 10 September 2011

New College, New Start

So induction week is over and there is no turning back, I am officially no longer a student of Leeds Tec. I now belong to Park Lane, with its perky colour scheme and mandatory enrichment programme. That's if I don't get killed walking there in the next two years (there's five ridiculously busy roads to cross).
I'll admit that I'm not exactly loving the place yet, but I don't start my classes until Monday so I'm trying not to judge. I'm keen to check out the gym facilities since I have a few gaps in my timetable that will need filling, I might even join a sports team this year if they have something that doesn't involve contact or a ball. So I guess that rules out everything but running. Perfect.
There's quite a few pieces of man candy walking around the corridors in the college "I'm here to help" tee-shirts. I can't decide whether it's a coincidence that all the attractive people that applied happened to be the best at giving out leaflets and directions, or whether it's a new tactic for getting people to enjoy college but either way it's awesome. Not that I'm one of those girls who'll push aside her law homework to stare at men's backsides.
Buns of steel
One great thing about Park Lane though is that there is a Costa actually inside the college which means I won't have to face the elements to get myself a cup of jo. They even gave us some voucher booklets we can use in the canteen which included a free coffee.
All in all the place seems okay, and I'm still seeing my friends from Tec at lunchtime as they're only five minutes away. This will just be another chapter in my life and it's up to me how it's written.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

City vs Countryside

Having moved to England two years ago from rural Ireland there's been a massive change in my life, people here are completely different to the ones I grew up with. Maybe this entry will be a bit biased because my heart will always belong to the country I was raised in.
The main difference between the two places is the sheer volume of people we have here in England, to me it just seems packed. But the thing is even though I have way more neighbours here I don't know any of them. In Ireland you could cough as you left the house and by the time you reached the shop someone would be asking you how your cold is. To outsiders this concept seems pretty daunting, but really it's a great support network because the people stick with each other through thick and thin. A wedding is a great event, the whole village go down to either attend the church service or celebrate the occasion in the pub, and when there is a funeral everyone pays their respects and shares the great moments and stories they had with the deceased.
Of course the perk of living in a more crowded area is having everything so available. There are buses running up and down all the estates and into the city, all at regular intervals. There is a great selection of supermarkets battling to give you the lowest price as well as bargain shops and markets where you can find things even cheaper. I love shopping in Leeds City Centre because there are so many shops to choose from and an abundance of trendy coffee shops to stop at. However, Milltown only had four buses per day, that's two going into Galway City and two coming back. The train service was practically non existent, in fact I've only been on it once for a school tour to Dublin zoo when I was 11. There are no Starbucks, Costas, Cafe Neros, Cafe Ritazzas or Pret a Mangers although we do have O'Briens but let's face it that is just not enough!

The thing I miss the most though is the great feeling you get from talking to someone you've known all your life, the person you  say "Remember back in 5th class when..." to and they'll reply with an equally heart warming shared memory. It's something that you just can't replace and no matter how many good friends I gain here there's nothing like laughing about that one teacher you had that was just mad...