Friday, 22 March 2013

Snow snow snow!

Yet another spring morning was ruined today by looking out my window and seeing the white plague. Yes, it has snowed again. This blog post is just an announcement to the weather that it isn't funny any more! I don't like frostbitten hands, I don't like bus disruptions and I certainly have fallen out of love with my wellies.
The romantic notion that snow can be a happy, wonderful meteorological event is over. There is no fire to warm ourselves up by (budget cuts), we're just huddling next to radiators wearing unattractive jumpers in the safety of our sitting room. And all that lovely warming hot chocolate? Well it's now a choice of stay warm or stay thin.
There's nothing we can do about it though, besides from everyone putting their heaters outside and melting  snowflakes with a hair-dryer. I hope you all have a very happy snow day, I look forward to seeing everybody's weather complaints on my facebook feed (groan).

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ask a Stupid Question...

Having been brought up in another country I'm often asked things about Ireland by people here in the UK. That's fine, curiosity is good. However, some questions are best kept to yourself lest you end up in a blog post where your ignorance is revealed to the world.

1) 'Is Ireland not part of Britain?' No, and considering Britain is your country it's quite shocking how many people think the whole island comes under the UK. Even the weather report map only shows the north...unless you think that's the whole of Ireland and instead of the republic there's just more Atlantic ocean. I'm having very worrying thoughts about the English education system.
2) 'What currency does Ireland use?' This is usually followed by them stating the assumption of Ireland using sterling. Even if they knew the difference between the Rep. and Northern Ireland. No, it's the Euro. Just like the rest of Europe. We conformed to those shiny cents years ago. Incidentally getting rid of the dirtiest sounding currency ever, the punt. It was a good thing it went really, no one could pay for anything without sniggering.
3) 'Ireland has its own language?' Yes, just like nearly every country that isn't England, Ireland has its own language. How can you know about Welsh and not the Gaelic language? If nothing else it should stick in your mind because it sounds like some kind of sex thing, no other language sounds like something you could get off an adventurous lad on a Saturday night. So don't be forgetting it again.
4) 'Do you travel by horse?' Only ever asked once, but once was enough. I told them no, Ireland also uses cars like the rest of the first world. In fact, not to burst your bubble, Ireland isn't some kind of backward country where the best technology is the potato clock. We have the iPad. And we know how to use it.
5) 'Do you know *any Irish name*?' No. Probably because they live on the other side of the country and, contrary to popular belief, Ireland has more than 50 people. The pope banning contraception made sure of that.

I'd also like to dispute the assumption all Irish people are called 'Paddy' or 'Mary' but, er, there are quite a lot of those so...we'll let it slide. And I'm not even touching the topic of drinking, all I'll say is the 'Republic of Ireland' has the word 'pub' in it. Draw your own conclusions.

We give the donkeys a rest these days

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Facebook is not your Therapist

I hear that people use facebook to build an illusion of a fairytale life full of smashing nights out, happy relationships and Sunday dinners. I hear all this, yet I sign in and see whining people going on and on about...everything. It's all moaned about on my facebook feed. And, my God, it gets repetitive.
I know life isn't perfect, everyone has downs. But it's always the same people posting these depressive statuses or ones which are obviously aimed at a certain person. If you're having a down you should go talk to your friends in real life. Because if that problem is as bad as you're making it out to be then posting a few lines to a social media site won't help at all. You need someone to talk through it either on the phone or in person. And if you're writing those aggressive statuses where you might as well tag the person because everyone knows who you're talking about, then have a good look at yourself, because no matter what they did your angry rant makes you look bad too.
The thing that really irks me though are people who fish for compliments. Posting a photo and calling yourself fat is an obvious example, if you're so self-concious about it why are you posting it?
Talking about how 'bad your life is', sorry, do you have food, heat and a roof over your head? Yes? Do you live with an abusive person? Have a drug problem? Have a terrible illness? No? Then give it a rest. There are people who would kill to be in your position. We all have problems. But, in the grand scheme of things, most of them aren't that important and you won't remember them a year from now.
I know what you're thinking, why not delete all these people? Well, I have deleted some people who do the above. But it's tricky, some people are actually my friends, not just pub randoms, and they'd notice if I deleted them. Then there'd be a tirade of vague and aggressive facebook statuses about me.
I'm in no way against people asking for support. I just think there's a place for that, you're probably better off going to your friends. And if someone argues that some people don't have any real friends, well I can't believe that everyone who has been moaning on my, personal facebook feed hasn't got one friend in the real world. If nothing else it's statistically impossible. I don't know enough social hermits for a start.