Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Fridge Surprise

Ever look in the fridge and see the ends of everything? That, my friend, is the beginning of fridge surprise! Loved by students and the utterly skint alike, fridge surprise is the sure-fire way to put off going food shopping!
Tuna, Quorn (if you fancy it), and/or chicken.
Leftover pasta sauce
An onion if you have it
A vegetable (broccoli and mushrooms work well but literally anything will do)
Sweetcorn or frozen peas
A dusty can from the back of the cupboard, preferably containing kidney beans or chick peas
Herbs and/or spices
Cheese (if you don't have cheese beg a nice flatmate or outright steal some)

Method Cook the vegetable(s). Hopefully you know how to do this.
Add the pasta sauce (top tip: swirl the bottom out with a little water), tinned goods, peas (maybe).
Season! If the thought of using herbs reduces you to a whimpering mess just add pepper. However, the quality of fridge surprise is immensely increased when a good dash of basil and chilli powder is added.
Transfer to a plate or bowl if your feeling fancy.
Sprinkle/load with grated cheese.
Serve with whatever carbohydrate you have.

Nutritional Information
Calories: Low
Carbs: It depends
- of which sugars: Stop being a fusspot
Fat: Depends how liberal you were with the cheese
- of which saturated fat: See above.
Salt: Less than a 3am kebab

If your eating fridge surprise you should just be happy your full, never mind the nutritional value.

With all those colours anyone would think
it's student loan day

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Review: Clinique 3 Step Skincare

I bought this airport-exclusive set on one of my jaunts
to England. It's a great way to try new products without
committing to a full size item.
Step 1: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. The face wash has no smell and lathers nicely. It tingles slightly whilst working and did a good job of removing my make up. However, there seems to be no wow factor to justify the £15.50 price tag. My suggestion is if you already have a decent face wash there's no need to splash out on this one.

Step 2: Clinique Clarifying Lotion. This has been described as an essential step by every Clinique representative I've ever spoken to. The packaging describes it as a purifying exfoliator which will instantly refine pores.
There's a certain freshness when you apply it to your skin, one akin to smoothing white spirit over your face. It's not massively unpleasant, just unexpected. At £16.50 I dare say it's worth the price tag because anything which feels as fresh as that must be removing dead skin cells.

Step 3: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. This was beautifully smooth and glided on my skin. Its lightweight formula is quickly absorbed so I could apply make up a few minutes after I'd moisturised.
Cold weather is the ultimate test of moisturisers and this did a good job of warding off dry skin. £29.50 is a bit of a financial sting, but if you're searching for a great moisturiser you've found it.

Verdict: The website informs me that this skincare routine will take three minutes. Now, I don't know who's in charge of timing at Clinque but he/she needs a new watch. I spent a good five minutes going through the steps each morning and evening. It isn't a lot of time but I can already hear people groaning because, let's be honest, skincare is a chore.
From a value perspective you get a lot for your money. The products last far longer than the labels or representatives tell you. The bundle cost of the full sized versions is £59.50 but could last you 4-6 months with careful usage.
So would I recommend? Yes. It's a simple routine and made my skin feel great. I also think that the fact that you have 3 set steps to complete makes you more likely to stick to a regular routine, which is the key to facial care.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nightclub Etiquette

Put a thousand or so liquored up young people in a dark room with loud music and what have you got? A nightclub. And what happens when you leave a sizeable crowd of youths to police themselves? Shit gets serious. 
Be nice. Sure, alcohol makes your lips a little looser but that's no excuse for outright rudeness. Walking up to strangers and insulting them is not okay. Pushing past people is not okay. Acting like you're better than someone is not okay.
Don't get pregnant on the dancefloor. I have seen more penis on dancefloors than I've seen on late night television. Please retire to your homes before you attempt to feed the pony or ride the stallion.
Keep those hands to yourself. Self-explanatory really, yet so many people seem to think that because the lights are dimmed girls can't feel those wandering hand squeezing our bums. Well we can, and you should stop.
Dance like no one is watching just don't accidentally hit someone in the face.
Be honest (in a nice way). Embrace your new found alcohol induced happiness by complementing people. If your friend looks good tell them. If a stranger looks good tell them!
Don't hold serious conversations in bathroom stalls. Some of us have had three vodka cokes and we really need a wee.
Theft is still theft. Who out there is stealing drinks? Stop! That is literally illegal and if I catch you I will retain the right to pimp slap you into next week.
Remember what your mother taught you. Hold the door open for people. Share your make-up. Buy someone a drink. Dance with the person who's looking a bit awkward. Offer an under-dressed individual your coat. Take care of your friend. Take care of a stranger if there's no one else around. Offer to take picture for people struggling with the front-view camera setting. Tell the bouncer if you see something dodgy. If things get out of control get a taxi home.

Gals, no. Just no.